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By Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M.

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Write h = go f; then (28) shows that Tb is the identity mapping of A (I), which is equivalent to the assertion w (hi - Xi ) ~ 2. By Lemma 2 of IV, p. 35 h is therefore invertible in A {I}. It is clear that g is invertible in A {I} , hence f is invertible in A{I} . PROPOSITION COROLLARY. Let fi(Y l ' Y 2, ... , Y q, Xl' X 2, ... , Xp) (1"" i "" q) be q formal power series without constant term in A[[Y l , ... , Y q, Xl' ... , Xp]]. If the constant term of the formal power series D = det ( afi ) is invertible in A, then there exists aY j precisely one system of q formal power series Ul (Xl' ...

NotatIOn Let B = K[(Xi)iEd, C = K«Xi)iEI). By III, p. 574, Prop. 23, the canonical mapping is an isomorphism of vector C-spaces. Bearing in mind III, p. 570, we see that the vector C-space OK (C) admits as a basis the family (dXi)i E I of the differentials of the Xi. Let i be the coordinate form of index ion 0K(C) relative to that basis. Then the mapping u >--+ of C into itself is a derivation of C which maps Xi to 1 and Xj to 0 for j oF i, and so is equal to Di ; in other words, we have.

Let us give some examples of summable families. a) Let u E A [[I]] and let a v be the coefficient of Xv in u. The family (avXV)vEN(I) is then summable, with sum u (which justifies writing u = L avXV). b) Let u E A [[I]]; for every integer p ~ 0 let up be the homogeneous component of degree p of u. Then the family (up)p E N is sum mabIe and we have u= up. ,o c) Let (ux)x E L be a family of elements of A [[I]] and suppose that for every integer n ~ 0 the set of A E L such that w (u x ) -< n is finite.

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Analysis, Manifolds and Physics. Basics by Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M.

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