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By Jacques Faraut, Soji Kaneyuki, Adam Koranyi, Qi-keng Lu, Guy Roos

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A variety of very important themes in advanced research and geometry are lined during this very good introductory textual content. Written by way of specialists within the topic, every one bankruptcy unfolds from the fundamentals to the extra advanced. The exposition is rapid-paced and effective, with out compromising proofs and examples that allow the reader to understand the necessities. the main uncomplicated kind of area tested is the bounded symmetric area, initially defined and labeled by means of Cartan and Harish- Chandra. of the 5 components of the textual content care for those domain names: one introduces the topic throughout the idea of semisimple Lie algebras (Koranyi), and the opposite via Jordan algebras and triple structures (Roos). higher periods of domain names and areas are offered by way of the pseudo-Hermitian symmetric areas and comparable R-spaces. those sessions are lined through a research in their geometry and a presentation and class in their Lie algebraic concept (Kaneyuki). within the fourth a part of the publication, the warmth kernels of the symmetric areas belonging to the classical Lie teams are made up our minds (Lu). particular computations are made for every case, giving targeted effects and complementing the extra summary and common equipment offered. additionally explored are fresh advancements within the box, specifically, the research of complicated semigroups which generalize advanced tube domain names and serve as areas on them (Faraut). This quantity could be necessary as a graduate textual content for college students of Lie crew concept with connections to complicated research, or as a self-study source for beginners to the sector. Readers will achieve the frontiers of the topic in a significantly shorter time than with present texts.

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Examples. (a) Let us consider the example (a). Let u be the antisymmetric bilinear form on 1R2n whose matrix is J. The cone C is defined by We have CC = Sp(n, e). ,,) = iu(f" 17)· Then it can be shown that r(c) = {g E Sp(n,C) I Tlf, E e 2n , f3(gf"gf,) ~ f3(f"f,)}. (b) Let us consider the example (b), and the cone C = by Cmin defined C = {iX E 9 I Tlf, E en, f3(Xf"f,) ~ o}. We have CC = SL(n, e). )}. References [Vinberg,1980j, [Olshanski,1981]' [Paneitz,1984j, [Hilgert-HofmannLawson,1989j, [Dorr,1990j, [Lawson,1994j, [Lawson,1995]' [HilgertOlafsson,1997j.

3 Invariant cones in a simple Lie algebra 27 and [Y, Zl] E p, [Y, Z2] E t, therefore [Y, Z2] = 0. If X E I, B([X, YJ, Z2) = B(X, [Y, Z2]) = 0, therefore [X, Y] E I. Now let X E I, YEp, and decompose X, Then B([XI, YJ, Z2) = -B(Y, [X}, Z2]) = 0, since [X}, Z2] = 0, and on the other side since [X2' Y] E t, Z2 E p, therefore [X, Y] E I. , Z = Zl E t. • A real Lie algebra is said to be Hermitian if it is simple and if the dimension of the center of t is equal to one. The Hermitian Lie algebras are the following classical simple Lie algebras: 5p(n, lR), 5U(p, q) (p, q ~ 1), 50"'(2n) = 50(2n, C) n M(n, IHI), 50(2, n), and the two following exceptional simple Lie algebras: e6(-14) and e7(-25)' Let g be a Hermitian Lie algebra.

Proof. p(t) = 0 for t E R. p(i) = J(gexpiX) = o. 1. For -y = 9 exp iX we put 1i"(r) = 7r(g)Exp(id7r(X)). Then 111i"(r)II ~ 1, and 1i"(-y)* = 1i"(r#). In fact -y# = expiX. g-1 = g-1 exp(iAd(g)X), 42 III. Positive Unitary Representations and 1i'(-y). = Exp(id1l"(X))1I"(g-1), 1i'(-y*) = 1I"(g-1)ExP(id1l"(Ad(g)X)) = 1I"(g-1 )11" (g )Exp( id1l"(X) )1I"(g-1) = Exp( id1l"(X))1I"(g-1). We will prove first that 1i' is weakly holomorphic, then that 1i' is a representation. 1): there exists an open neighborhood U of e in GC, and a dense subspace 'Ho C 'H such that, for u E 'Ho, the map CPu : g ~ 11" (g)u has a holomorphic extension to U, CPu: U -t 'H.

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Analysis and Geometry on Complex Homogeneous Domains by Jacques Faraut, Soji Kaneyuki, Adam Koranyi, Qi-keng Lu, Guy Roos

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