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There they met Beauregard’s Southern troops The War Between the North and the South near a small stream known as Bull Run. Dozens of spectators watched the fighting, including politicians and their families. Many camped on hillsides with picnic baskets, waiting for the action to begin. They believed the Union forces would easily defeat the Southern troops. The Southerners rallied behind a company of Virginians commanded by General Thomas J. Jackson. After several hours of fighting, the Union forces broke down and retreated to Washington.

He was joined there by Mary and their sons. Abe was defeated, but not I n 1854, Abe defended Jack discouraged. Armstrong’s son, Duff, in a Abe’s work was inter- murder case. A witness said rupted in late 1849. His he clearly saw Duff Armstrong son, Edward, fell seriously kill James Metzger during a ill and died two months fight. The man said he was sure of what he saw because later. Abe and his wife were the full moon was shining devastated. Mary cried for directly overhead. weeks. Abe became even Abe pulled an almanac out of his pocket.

The Republicans did not win enough seats to place Abe. Douglas was declared the winner. Although he lost the election, Abe was not discouraged. “The fight must go on,” he told a friend. ” Because of the debates, Abe became nationally known. His intelligence and political skills won him many supporters. Abe began thinking about his political future. By 1860, Abe was being mentioned as a possible candidate for president. But he had some doubts about being the right person for 37 38 ABRAHAM LINCOLN As the Republican nominee for president, Abe Lincoln (left) defeated Democratic candidates John C.

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