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By Brian Bolt

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A Mathematical Pandora's field has been written based on the luck of Brian Bolt's previous mathematical puzzle books. via his personal adventure, the writer has stumbled on a world curiosity in those and comparable puzzles. not just do they stimulate artistic pondering yet they could additionally open up new components of arithmetic to the reader. This booklet comprises 142 actions: as well as puzzles, there are video games, tips, versions and reasons of assorted phenomena. they vary from quantity manipulation, via satisfied and amicable numbers, coin puzzles, picnicking bears and pentominoes, to development shapes with cubes. the various puzzles date from 1000s of years in the past whereas many others are unique, giving each person anything to contemplate. there's a distinctive observation on the finish of the publication, giving recommendations and factors, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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Two players take it in turn to remove a single coin or all of the coins in a row. The person forced to pick up the last coin is the loser. Have fun! 52 ooo 98 Bridge that gap! In the grounds of an outward bound school there was a circular pond of radius 20 m with an island in the centre on which stood a fountain. 9 m. They found the test very frustrating, for the closest point of the island to the edge of the pond was 5 m, and they frequently lost their planks in the water. But a practical solution is possible.

Many ingenious solutions are possible, so see what you can find. 65 Magic tetrahedra In the tetrahedron shown the three numbers along each edge sum to 17, making it magic. Using any ten numbers from the set of integers from 1 to 11, see how many distinctly different magic tetrahedra you can find. What is the lowest magic total you can find using these numbers? Can you find a magic tetrahedron using only the integers from 1 to 10? 38 66 Fault-free rectangles — Imagine you have a large supply of 2 x 1 blocks (dominoes are ideal) and that you are investigating ways of fitting them together to make rectangles.

But the waiter only had £1 in his pocket, making a total of £28. So what happened to the £2? 60 Manipulating calendar digits The Tour 4s' problem challenges you to express all the integers from 1 to 100 using all four 4 digits, and any mathematical symbol known to you, in each case. An interesting and challenging variation on this theme is to take the four digits of the current year and use them instead of four 4s. The first time I tried this was in 1985, and I was eventually able to complete my century, but only after returning to the problem several times.

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