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By Francis Borceux

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This booklet offers the classical idea of curves within the aircraft and three-d house, and the classical concept of surfaces in three-d area. It can pay specific cognizance to the historic improvement of the idea and the initial methods that aid modern geometrical notions. It encompasses a bankruptcy that lists a truly extensive scope of aircraft curves and their houses. The e-book techniques the edge of algebraic topology, supplying an built-in presentation totally obtainable to undergraduate-level students.

At the tip of the seventeenth century, Newton and Leibniz constructed differential calculus, hence making to be had the very wide variety of differentiable services, not only these comprised of polynomials. through the 18th century, Euler utilized those principles to set up what's nonetheless this day the classical idea of such a lot normal curves and surfaces, principally utilized in engineering. input this attention-grabbing international via outstanding theorems and a large offer of bizarre examples. achieve the doorways of algebraic topology by way of gaining knowledge of simply how an integer (= the Euler-Poincaré features) linked to a floor provides loads of fascinating details at the form of the skin. And penetrate the interesting global of Riemannian geometry, the geometry that underlies the idea of relativity.

The e-book is of curiosity to all those that educate classical differential geometry as much as relatively a complicated point. The bankruptcy on Riemannian geometry is of significant curiosity to people who need to “intuitively” introduce scholars to the hugely technical nature of this department of arithmetic, particularly whilst getting ready scholars for classes on relativity.

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1 The area of the portion of the plane delimited by the x-axis and the parabola of equation y = 1 − x 2 is equal to 43 (see Fig. 30). 12 Curve Squaring 43 Fig. 31 Proof We know that this area is given by the integral +1 −1 1 − x 2 dx = x − x3 3 +1 −1 = 1− 1 1 − −1 + 3 3 4 = . 3 Don’t forget that the parabola is a section of a circular cone by a plane. Greek geometers were able to “square” the parabola, but not the circle which for them was thus a priori a “more elementary” curve. A rather intriguing situation!

The fact of having an axis of curvature instead of a center of curvature explains in particular why curves with the same curvature can have very different shapes. The orientation of the axis of curvature is generally not constant and its variations in direction affect in an essential way the shape of the curve. It remains an excellent exercise of technical virtuosity to compute the axis of curvature, starting from a system of Cartesian equations as in the time of Clairaut and Monge. The ideas of Monge were clarified and developed in 1805 by his student Lancret, who introduced what we call today the osculating plane and the torsion, in order to study the variations in direction of the axis of curvature.

We are now well aware that in doing so, we exclude examples where a more involved definition would have produced a “sensible tangent”. 1 The ratio between the length of a circle and the length of its diameter is a constant, independent of the size of the circle. This constant is written π . 28 1 The Genesis of Differential Methods Proof This result was proved by the so-called exhaustion method due to Eudoxus (around 380 AC): this method was the direct ancestor of the notion of limit. Greek geometers first proved a corresponding result for regular polygons inscribed in a circle and then “by a limit process”, inferred the result for the circle.

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