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For Scheuer, bin Laden’s historical significance lay partly in his successful lobbying for a shift from targeting apostate governments (reflecting a Koranic requirement to tackle the ‘near-enemy’ first should Islam be attacked) to an ‘America-first’ strategy. The switch to an ‘America-first’ strategy was achieved only after considerable internal debate (Scheuer called it a ‘struggle’ [Anonymous 2002: 169]) within key Islamist organisations, notably so in the influential Egyptian groups Al-Gama’at Al-Islamiyah (IG), the largest Islamist group in Egypt, and Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), a smaller group that evolved from IG in the late 1960s and was indivisible from al-Qaeda in the post9/11 period.

Where territorial logics were characterised by their production of relatively fixed space, capitalist production of space was eternally in flux. e. lower-cost) locations’, producing a disordered space economy and a temporality scarred by sudden disjunctions, ruptures and reinventions of space – the antithesis of the regularity and fixity pursued by territorial logics of power. : 96). The American empire sounded highly unstable in The New Imperialism, the product not so much of political imperatives to export democracy and human rights or to maintain national security as of internal contradictions in an irrational, anarchic and crisis-prone economic system.

In their classic neocon apologia for the war, The War over Iraq: Saddam’s Tyranny and America’s 36 POLITICS Mission (2003), Lawrence Kaplan and William Kristol noted sniffily that, on the stump in 2000, ‘candidate Bush placed misgivings about military intervention at the center of his foreign policy agenda’. For all its delirious praise of Bush’s ‘moral clarity’, The War over Iraq also implied that the president had a recidivist foreign policy gene, one that would revert to ‘nothing more than a variation of old-world realpolitik and an echo of Gerald Ford’ if it were allowed to develop unchecked (Kaplan and Kristol 2003: 68).

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