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By Eric Flint, David Weber

ISBN-10: 1416555889

ISBN-13: 9781416555889

           The Baltic warfare which started within the novel 1633 remains to be raging, and the time-lost american citizens of Grantville—the West Virginia city hurled again into the 17th century by means of a mysterious cosmic accident—are stuck in the midst of it.
           Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden and Emperor of the us of Europe, prepares a counter-attack at the mixed forces of France, Spain, England, and Denmark—former enemies that have allied within the League of Ostend to damage the hazard to their energy that the american citizens represent—which are besieging the German urban of Luebeck.
            somewhere else in war-torn Europe, a number of American plans are forthcoming fruition. Admiral Simpson of Grantville frantically races opposed to time to complete the USE Navy’s ironclad ships—desperately had to holiday the Ostender blockade of the Baltic ports. A commando unit despatched by means of Mike Stearns to England prepares the rescue the american citizens being held within the Tower of London. In Amsterdam, Rebecca Stearns keeps three-way negotiations with the Prince of Orange and the Spanish Cardinal-Infante who has conquered lots of the Netherlands. And, in Copenhagen, the captured younger USE naval officer Eddie Cantrell attempts to cajole the King of Denmark to damage with the Ostender alliance, all whereas pursuing a perilous romantic involvement with one of many Danish princesses.

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Walking with a special axe in its hand, an axe forged in the Underverse from the bitter wrath of the restless and murdered, hammered out on god’s own anvil, and quenched in the bile and blood of the wronged and the unavenged. It would have a smile on it, a smile sparked on wyrd’s grindstone to a death-edge so keen it would slice a man’s soul from his flesh. Then threads would be cut. Balt threads. Fith hoped that would be the way. He wouldn’t mind leaving the Verse so much if there was an expectation of returning.

No sign of the aett-chief. The chief was probably dead and face down in the red snow with his huscarls. Fith could smell blood. It was overpoweringly strong, a hot copper reek spicing the freezing dawn air. He could smell Ghejj’s insides too. He could smell the inner parts of him, the ruptured stomach, the yellow fat of his belly meat, the heat of his life. Fith knew it was time to go. The Upplander was in the furthest shelter. Even the Ascommani knew to keep him away from people. The Upplander was propped up against cushions.

Whoa! ’ Hawser cried. ’ He took out the pass-pad and flicked it on. The holographic credentials issued by the Unification Council Office of Conservation billowed up into the smoky air, slightly blurred and malformed by the edges of the smoke. Hawser couldn’t help but notice the Eye of Providence on the Council seal that flashed up before the data unfurled. ‘That’s all very well,’ said one of the hussars. ‘This is all current. It’s valid,’ said Hawser. ‘Things change,’ said the hussar. ‘This was personally ratified by Commander Selud,’ said one of the seniors.

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